Our Vision is to raise awareness and lobby for women’s rights through information sharing and dialogue on a variety of platforms with a wide range of stakeholders. We have always been driven by a spirit of feminism, democracy and human rights to see women and men become equal partners on economic, political and private spheres. We aim to achieve a society that challenges all forms of discrimination and champions fair and inclusive practices through constant dialogue, critique and response to current issues.

Mission statement

Who are we?

Women’s Rights are Human Rights!

Sister Namibia is a women’s organisation based in Windhoek, Namibia and was established in 1989 on the dawn of Namibian independence to raise awareness and lobby for women’s rights. We have always been driven by a spirit of feminism to see women and girls equipped with the knowledge of their rights and the information to achieve their improved and equal status in society.

Who are our partners and stakeholders?

Sister Namibia has always worked with youth – male and female and will continue to do so through our involvement with youth groups like Physically Active Youth and Young Achievers, at schools through Star for Life and Kayek – through workshops and the dissemination of the magazine country-wide to libraries and organisations.
In our feminist forums we work with young adults and tertiary students, both male and female. For our 16 Days of Activism and Orange Day campaigns we work with the general public, again not discriminating between the genders.
In 2015 we started working with nurses, domestic workers and Parliamentarians. We are cooperating with communities, schools and other NGOs that work with women and girls.

Who is part of the team?

We have three permanent employees at Sister Namibia: the interim director, Laura Sassman; our media officer, Elsarien A. Katiti and the bookkeeper, Joanna Eberenz. During the year we also have some international volunteers who assist the work at Sister Namibia. Each person on the team has a unique skill or ability that is valuable to our common efforts. The teamwork with our patrons is affected by appreciation, acceptance and confidence.

Building the feminist movement in Namibia

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