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As an NGO, Sister Namibia has always worked with women’s rights and issues that would lead to the equipping of women through information and discussion.

In 2015 we honed in on our identity as the producers of the quarterly Sister Namibia magazine, hosts of a library of more than 2000 books on women’s issues and sharers of information through workshops, to become a Media House for women’s issues. We publish research produced by Sister Namibia as well as other organizations. We engage our society through social media. Exciting projects that began in 2015 involve the production of audio-visual material for YouTube and DVD. The DVD productions are especially aimed at disseminating information to larger groups. Platforms for the distribution of our material include the web, radio, TV and printed form reach as wide an audience as possible. We hereby wish to equip men and women to become equal partners on economic, political and private platforms. Topics engaged with on all these platforms include amongst others that of gender-based violence, cultural norms which perpetuate stereotypes and abuse, best practices, human rights, democracy and gender equality.

We run workshops on sexual and reproductive health and rights and conflict management. For both these workshops we do training of trainers in order for speakers of local languages to conduct the workshops in their villages and in their vernacular. We host feminist forums with men and women addressing sensitive gender issues. In 2015 we have begun production of two DVDs: one on the School Policy on the Management and Prevention of Teenage Pregnancy aimed specifically at disseminating to schools as resource material to the Life Skills curriculum. The second DVD captures all the laws and policies relating to gender matters with the new female Parliamentarians as our target group. An extension of this project would be to translate the information into local languages I order to avail the knowledge of protected human rights at grass roots level.
In order to further equip teenage girls from reaching their full potential Sister Namibia distributes re-usable sanitary pads to underprivileged girls to help them minimize their absences from school, which negatively affect their school performance. This project furthermore conducts a minor workshop in taking ownership of one’s future and overcoming legitimate challenges presented to one by your finances and even by your natural biology. The intent is thus to avoid simply handing out free material and thereby further encouraging the dependency mentality on teenage girls.

We also house a resource center and library with material on feminism and gender issues which is open to the public.

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Building the feminist movement in Namibia

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