Abuse without a slap

Poem by “Me”


As I lie in bed breaking up inside
I feel the urge to take a pen to pour out the turmoil
and in so-doing ease the pain inside me.

People will think I am crazy
my boyfriend says I’m sick
but if any of that is true
it only happened after what I had gone through

When you’re alone you feel lonely
but what do you call emptiness
while being with your loved one?

How do you live with dying little by little each day
from being deprived of caring, touching
understanding – love?
Where do you go when the one you love
puts down your hurt as stupidity?

Where do you get the courage from, you unlovable fool,
to get away from this?
And if you stay
how long will you cope with the fear?

And when someone comes along who really cares
and shows it
how do you mend the brokeness inside
to receive the love they offer?
Underneath the hurt and anguish
where do you find the love to love again?