Africans should stop the blame game

In line with the SADC Council of NGOs, Sister Namibia condemns the ongoing xenophobic attacks in South Africa. Every time a xenophobic attack breaks out in South Africa, the reason behind it is that foreigners take up their jobs. This is a rather weak excuse as these foreigners create their own job opportunities and are not employed by the SA government. This people saw business opportunities and invested in them. That is not taking away bread from South Africans. People are slaughtered, burned and stoned to death in a brutal and barbaric way by the same Africans who were assisted by other African countries during the long and hard liberation struggle against the colonial government. There is no justification for ending someone’s life just because they saw a business opportunity and grabbed it before anyone else did. The brutal killings of Africans by their fellow Africans is shocking to say the least as it was the same Africans who assisted each other in gaining independence from the colonial. There are a high number of South Africans residing and working in other African countries as well, but this brutality is not seen in other African countries so far. Nevertheless, the South African xenophobic attacks are slowly spilling over to other neighbouring countries.

Africans should unite and say no to Xenophobia. We want a United States of Africa, how can this become a reality if fellow Africans murder other Africans because of jobs?

SADC Council of NGOs Condemns Xenophobia