Baby Dumping

Government to decriminalise baby dumping, 15/02/2019
The Namibian, 06th of August 2017, “Calling for Walvis Bay mentors”

The Namibian, 02nd of August 2017, “Frozen body of baby found at Tsumeb dumpsite”

The Namibian, 30th of June 2017, “Every baby should be wanted – Gawanas”

The Namibian, 26th of June 2017, “Mother throws newborn into dustbin”

The Namibian, 22nd of May 2017, “‘Suitcase baby‘ survives suffocation at Walvis”

The Namibian, 15th of May 2017, “Mother guilty, regrets dumping baby in cold”

New Era, 01st of February 2017, “A baby was found late Monday night by people collecting bottles in the Oshikoto Region”

The Namibian, 26th of January 2017, “Woman on attempted murder over baby dumping”

The Namibian, 23rd of January 2017, “Arandis woman nabbed for ‘baby dumping‘”

The Namibian, 22nd of August 2016, “Baby left at Walvis nurses‘ home”

New Era, 6th of April 2016, “Shopping mall baby dumper still at large”

The Namibian, 29th of March 2016, “Helping Hands with Johanna Hauwanga”

The Namibian, 26th of February 2016, “Schoolgirl allegedly kills newborn baby”

The Namibian, 24th of February 2016, “When depression leads to baby dumping”

Namibian Sun, 8th of January 2016, “Inquest into death shebeen baby”

New Era, 26th of November 2015, “Dumped baby miraculously  survives omusati”

Namibian Sun, 11th of November 2015, “Woman buries newborn in sleeping hut”

New Era, 9th of September 2015, “Young women embark anti baby dumping campaign”

New Era, 8th of June 2015, “babydumping concernes walvis bay mayor”

Namibian Sun, 4th of June 2015, “Mayor tackles baby dumping and abortion” abortion.79703

Namibian Sun, 26th of March 2015, “Toddler dies in bush”

Namibian Sun, 17th of March 2015, “Nurse gets NAD1000 bail after burying foetus”

Namibian Sun, 17th of February 2015, “Baby dumped at Tsumeb”

Namibian Sun, 15th of February 2015, “Suspected baby thief appears in court”

Namibian Sun, 19th of January 2015, “Dumping babies like trash”

Namibian Sun, 18th of January 2015, “Baby found alive in Katutura dustbin”

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