Bleeding from the vagina

Let me paint a picture.
Two people are seated from across the room debating about the importance of providing free pads to girls in school.
One is defending it the other is so uncomfortable to even hear the word menstruation.
It’s been ten minutes and in that short time, across the country. Over a hundred school girls over bled on their school skirts.
So they are seated in classrooms with bloody skirts. Shy to ask permission to leave the class bloodied.
So they are praying for the class period to be over, to go home or run to the bathroom.
But after that class there is another class coming in, and these girls still have to wait for their whole class to leave before they can get up.
Whatever clothe they were using is fully soaked and just because her skirt is bloody doesn’t mean the blood will stop flowing soon. Even if they go to the toilet or home, blood will still be flowing down their legs.
The blood does not stop flowing!
It doesn’t matter whether you are uncomfortable with the term ‘menstruation’ or ‘bleeding from the vagina’, the reality is thousands of girls do not have hygienic, medically approved menstrual products to use.
And so to all of us, let us stop being uncomfortable and using politically correct terminology and get up and do something about it.
Let’s fight for the provision of free pads to girls in Namibia!
We can make this happen.
Let us support initiatives that provide pads to girls (like the SisterPads)
While we still have girls who’s skirts are blood stained because they have nothing to use, we can’t not fight, we can’t get comfortable.
The blood does not stop flowing.
By Elsarien Katiti