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Magazine post template!


  1. Change post title to “YEAR Issues”
  2. Choose the right category to the right
  3. Create image files of all covers from the magazine you wish to add:
    • If you can’t use “export” or “save as images” in your pdf viewer, you can use an online service to create an image file from the pdf. Follow instructions on (lowest quality is fine for web use) and just download the first page.
    • Make sure the image height is 200px (you can use the WordPress-editor when you upload the image files)
  4. Add each cover image into the boxes in the first row of the table below. Start by marking the text that you are replacing and then use the Add Media-tool (Insert into post)
  5. Upload all magazines as pdf-files by using the Add Media-tool (without using Insert into post)
  6. Edit the second row in the table below, each column will present one magazine. Add the correct YEAR and NR.
  7. If you do not add all for issues, delete the content in the columns that are not used.
  8. Link each image to the right pdf-file, using the link tool in the menu above.
  9. Link each magazine title to the right pdf-file, by first marking the text and then using the link tool again.
  10. SAVE!
  11. And hey, delete these instructions before you publish you fool!
Cover 1, 200px height Cover 2, 200px height Cover 3, 200px height Cover 4, 200px height
YEAR Vol NR # 1 YEAR Vol NR # 2 YEAR Vol NR # 3 YEAR Vol NR # 4