Windhoek Observer, 15th of September, “Natural hair expo offers sales platform for SMEs”

The Confidente, 7th of September 2017, “Faith, Passion for the vulnerable drives Tuliki”

Namibian Sun, 15th of June 2015, “Action needed against child marriages”

Namibian Sun, 5th of June 2015, “Sugar daddies: The bitter truth”

Namibian Sun, 2nd of June 2015, “Rebecca’s holy anger over Ben10s and sugar daddies”

The Namibia, 27th of April 2015, “Women warned against quick fix marriages”

The Namibian, 30th of March 2015, “Femme Vocale Namibia excels in international competition”

Windhoek Observer, 27th of March 2015, “Local Designer goes international”

Windhoek Observer, 27th of March 2015, “The Ranting of a Fashion Nut: 1800-Dial-A-Stylist”

Namibian Sun, 27th of March 2015, “OYO tackles gay rights with ‘in and out'”

The Namibian, 26th of March 2015, “Southern African women sought to co-author ’20 Beautiful Women'”

The Namibian, 27th of February 2015, “Recognising Gender in Language”

The Namibian, 20th of February 2015, “Inside Her Wardrobe… Selma Kaulinge is Not Your Average Fashionista”

Building the feminist movement in Namibia

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