D r o p l e t

By Helga Kuzeeko


I am so small, tiny

yet powerful

user-friendly, amiable –

all trust me!


I am an unavoidable miniature,

yet striking

influential to all

with limitless attraction!


I may be bitter, sour, even sweet or just

Yet challenging

‘am swallowed blended or even …

Slow by slow I grow!


I am gorgeous thus taken plain

need no passport

 enjoying the free trip as I

penetrate all the joints!


I am possessive,

ensure the take over,

any time as I know

the favourable reception!


I am commanding

thus transfer that attribute

to all tasting me

and react to my call!


I awaken trust, 

allow to act

the unperformed tasks;

I am simply magnificent…!


Helga Kuzeeko is a Namibian poet. Her poems are often introspective and thought provoking. She is an amazing collaborator and can be reached at :