New Era, 26th of September 2017, “Keeping Namibian girls in school”

New Era, 7th of July 2017, “More women study law”

The Namibian, “Sossusvlei woman dedicated to education”

The Namibian, 19th of November 2015, “Youth unemployment at 43,3 %”

Namibian Sun, 8th of April 2015, “School principal denies sexual harassment”

Namibian Sun, 8th of April 2015, “Education has many gaps to address”

Namibian Sun, 7th of April 2015, “School faces uncertain future”

Namibian Sun, 2nd of April 2015, “Free education next year”

The Namibian, 30th of March 2015, “Hanse-Himarwa to tackle truancy”

New Era, 21st of January 2015, “Izak Buys JSS wins trophy for strong anti-GBV message”

Building the feminist movement in Namibia

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