Gender-Based Violence

The Namibian, 30th of September 2017, “Man pours boiling water on girl (7)”

Windhoek Observer, 22nd of September 2017, “Namibian women fight back against GBV”

Confidente, 31st of August 2017, “Swakop man bites off girlfriend’s eyelid”

New Era, 5th of July 2017, “Namibian MPs champion women’s rights”

New Era, 13th of April 2017, “Single parenting contributes to GBV”

New Era, 13th of March 2017, “SADC PF rallies MPs against GBV”

New Era, 9th of March 2017, “Don’t withdraw GBV cases, Geingos tells victims”

New Era, 14th of February 2017, “Use Valentine’s to fight GBV – FLON”

Reliefweb, 30th of November 2016, “WFP Namibia Country Brief, November 2016”

New Era, 29th of November 2016, “Basson disheartened by apathy at GBV event”

New Era, 28th of November 2016, “Over 2 000 GBV cases reported”

The Namibian, 20th of October 2016, “Community takes action on gender based violence”

The Namibian, 04th of October 2016, “Man kills girlfriend, shoots himself”

The Namibian, 04th of October 2016, “Family protests at court against girlfriend killer”

The Namibian, 03rd of October 2016, “Man kills girlfriend, keeps body for days”

The Namibian, 29th of September 2016, “Mother appears for daughters murder”

The Namibian, 28th of September 2016, “Woman suffocates daughter 3”

The Namibian, 21st of September 2016, “Man kills girlfriend, himself”

New Era, 31st of August 2016, “Youth challenged to speak up to root out GBV”

The Namibian, 22nd of August 2016, “Woman hacked to death”

The Namibian, 15th of August 2016, “70 years to close gender gap – PM”

The Namibian, 15th of August 2016, “Woman speaks about sexual abuse by stepdad”

The Namibian, 21st of July 2016, “Fighting cycle of gender based violence”

Namibian Sun, 15th of July 2016, “Gendered violence our plague”—-Our-Plague/153221/archive-read

The Namibian, 27th of June 2016, “Namibians tolerate GBV – UN”—UN/152415/archive-read

The Namibian, 24th of June 2016, “Gender equality commission bans maiden bursaries”

New Era, 21st of June 2016, “Another day, another woman killed”

Allgemeine Zeitung, 11th of February 2016, “Kriminelle Energie ist maennlich”

Allgemeine Zeitung, 2nd of February 2016, “Mordversuch”

New Era, 15th of February 2016, ¨10`000 years gbv cases reported¨

Allgemeine Zeitung, 28th of January 2016, “moerder entkommt Strafmass”

New Era, 25th of January 2016, “artists stand gbv music”

Allgemeine Zeitung, 22nd of January 2016, ¨Angeklagter schuldunfähig¨

New Era, 22nd of January 2016, “coach samarias gbv case deferred”

The Namibian Sun, 21st of January 2016, “putting face gbv perpetrators”

The Namibian Sun, 21st of January 2015, “lip service gbv fight”

Youtube by OneAfricaTv, 29th of November 2015, “Anti-GBSV Coalation – 16 Days of Activism 2015”

The Namibia, 20th of November 2015, “First Lady weeps in prisoners’ meeting”

The Namibian, 9th of November 2015, “Samaria in court for bashing wife”

Namibian Sun, 23rd of June 2015, “Rehoboth rape accused objects to his admissions”

Namibian Sun, 23rd of June 2015, “Stopping the bloody mayhem”

The Namibian, 4th of June 2015, “Policeman nabbed for assault”

Namibian Sun, 5th of May 2015, “Murder accused says girlfriend wrestled for gun”

Namibian Sun, 5th of May 2015, “Man kills girlfriend with panga, hangs himself”

Namibian Sun, 29th of April 2015, “City Police officer, ‘lover’ to appear for wife’s murder”

Namibian Sun, 28th of April 2015, “Alleged panga killer arrested”

The Namibian, 23rd of April 2015, “Somalia sex abuse allegations largely unproven – AU”

The Namibian, 8th of April 2015, “Woman in court for husband’s murder“

Namibian Sun, 7th of April 2015, “Gender violence protection include men”

The Namibian, 7th of April 2015, “Woman arrested for hiring man to kill husband”

Namibian Sun, 31st of March 2015, “Cops accused of domestic violence to lose guns”

Namibian Sun, 31st of March 2015, “Gender violence robbing country of voters – Sioka”

The Namibian, 27th of March 2015, “Prayer day did not stop GBV – Nghidinwa”

The Namibian, 24th of February 2015, “UK-Funded Community Policing and GBV Course Concludes”

The Namibian, 23rd of February 2015, “Domestic violence up in Erongo”

Namibian Sun, 15th of February 2015, “Court says Nekundi is not violent”

Namibian Sun, 9th of February 2015, “Nekundi’s wife seeks protection order”

New Era, 14th of January 2015, “Tsumeb residents to march today against violent crimes”

Building the feminist movement in Namibia

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