Basic Gender Information

Gender-based violence (GBV) is a human rights issue of endemic proportions in Namibia. One out of three women have experienced, or will experience, GBV in their lifetime. All too often we read about these terrible crimes in the newspapers. But the individual cases of rape, violence and passion killings do not reveal the structural problem that lies behind them. Read about the definition of GBV here.

Sister Namibia aims to raise awareness on discrimination and destructive political, social, cultural, legal and economic practices, including gender-based violence. In order to get a better understanding of and to raise awareness on this issue, we have collected some basic facts and statistics about GBV in Namibia and made it accessible on our website. Furthermore, you will find links to other websites and research on GBV, plus legal documents relating to the issue, here.

Sister Namibia envisions a society based on equality in which all people—women, men, children and elderly—are able to enjoy a life free from discrimination and violence.

Legal & Policy Context
GBV in Namibia
Domestic violence

Building the feminist movement in Namibia

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