Windhoek Observer, 22 September 2017, Rinelda’s Diary: Girls, do you like it when your guy snores?

The Namibian, 26 September 2017, Namibia sees reduction in maternal deaths – UNFPA

The Namibian, 22 September 2017, Kenyan rural women take up crickets rearing

New Era, 24 July 2017, women slowly embrace use of menstrual cup

New Era, 13 July 2017, Young women continue to be at high risk of HIV

New Era, 10 July 2017, Over 214 million women not using safe family planning

The Namibian, 19 October 2016, Fighting cancer in Namibia

The Namibian, 12 October 2016, Prevent maternal and child mortality

The Namibian, 07 October 2016, Surveillance vaccination committee set up

The Namibian, 04 October 2016, Pastor apologises for using girl`s pictures

The Namibian, 15th August 2016, Disabled girl wants to inspire peers

The Namibian, 10th August 2016, She conquered a osteogensis imperfecta

The Namibian, 3rd, August 2016 Windhoek girl’s rare condition–rare-conditionher-bones-break-even-when-sleeping/153944/archive-read

The Namibian, 26 July 2016, Elderly women risks lives crushing rock in Cameroon

The Namibian, 22 July 2016, Sisters in icu after shack burns

The Namibian, 20 July 2016, The girl with a strange disease

The Nambian, 15 July 2016, Woman carries dead unborn child

The Namibian, Deputy minister appeals for assistance for Rejoice

The Namibian, Abortion accounts for 21pct of maternal deaths

The Namibian, Legalise Women’s Reproductive Rights

Namibian Sun, 26th of June 2015, “Haufiku warns against HIV/AIDS faith healers”

The Namibian, 13th of May 2015, “What most people don’t know about miscarriages”

Namibian Sun, 12th of May 2015, “Moms, children face uphill battle”

Namibian Sun, 6th of May 2015, “One in 26 children die before their first birthday”

The Namibian, 6th of May 2015, “Health workers reduce diarrhoea cases in remote areas”

The Namibian, 10th of April 2015, “Namibian scientist makes great discovery in cancer research”

Namibian Sun, 1st of April 2015, “Sweeteners make life bitter for diabetes patients”

New Era, 19th of March 2015, “Program plans to reduce SME infant mortality”

New Era, 18th of March 2015, “Tweeting with NEPC on HIV/AIDS”

New Era, 10th of March 2015, “45 % of Namibians have high blood pressure”

The Namibian, 20th of February 2015, “Criminal Law Not Effective Against HIV”

The Namibian, 17th of February 2015, “Couples urged to go for HIV testing”

The Namibian, 17th of February 2015, “How Sanitary Pads are Changing Lives in Rural Areas”

Namibian Sun, 4th of January 2015, “Renewed focus on reproductive health”

Building the feminist movement in Namibia

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