“I am a Woman”

Poem by Tanya E. Pfeffer

who are you?
with your fiery eyes
and your loins breath?

“I am a woman,” she said.
“the rhythmic beats of the jungle
pulsate in my veins.
I fight for myself
and take what is mine.”

who are you?
with your picket signs
and your passionate cheers?

“I am woman,” she said.
“the injustices of generations
pound at my door.
I shout against my oppressors
and I don’t sit down.”

who are you?
with your open arms
and your loving heart?

“I am woman,” she said.
“the pain of my sisters
pulls at my heart.
I feed, clothe and love them
and keep my porch light on.”

who am I?
with my round breasts
and my ability to make life?

“I am woman,” I say,
“the rhythms, injustices, and pain
pulsate, pound, and pull my mind.
I will fight, shout, and love
and remember who I am.”