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The Namibian, 29 September 2017, Saudi women will be allowed to drive in 2018

The Namibian, 27 September 2017, Philanthropists pledge millions for better UN data on women–UN

The Namibian, 26 September 2017, Merkel wins 4th term as nationalists enter parliament

The Namibian, 26 September 2017, Mother of all marches against Zuma

The Namibian, 17 October 2016, Sexual assault accusers want to stop our movement – Trump

The Namibian, 14 October 2016, Baby traffickers thriving in Nigeria as recession bites

The Namibian, 11 October 2016, Remember Kh-wezi, Zuma`s rape accuser dies, never having known freedom

The Namibian, 11 October 2016, Trump vs Clinton, He calls her a devil, she says he abuses women

The Namibian, 06 October 2016, Zambia must protect women`s right to make free sexual choices

The Namibian, 12 September 2016, Three women die in attack on Mombasa police station

The Namibian, 12 July 2016, AU: Time to focus on African women and girls right

Namibian Sun, 26th of June 2015, “Sudan recruits child soldiers”

Namibian Sun, 17th of June 2015, “Rachel Dolezal is a sista”

The Namibian, 12th of June 2015, “UN peacekeepers ‘barter goods for sex'”

The Namibian, 12th of June 2015, “4 young siblings commit suicide in China after parents abandon them”

The Namibian, 12th of June 2015, “AIDS pandemic spreading to every corner of globe”

The Namibian, 12th of June 2015, “Child labour rocks Ghana’s gold mines”

The Namibian, 11th of June 2015, “Woman gives birth after transplant of ovarian tissue”

The Namibian, 10th of June 2015, “ISIS’ slave markets sell girls for a pack of cigarettes”

The Namibian, 8th of June 2015, “Burundian children as young as 6 arrive alone in camps”

The Namibian, 8th of June 2015, “UN chief condemns “appaling” child sex abuse”

The Namibian, 5th of June 2015, “Mauritius parliament approves first woman president”

The Namibian, 3rd of June 2015, “Gay people are victims of worldwide abuse”

The Namibian, 22nd of May 2015, “Hundreds saved from Boko Haram now in military custody”

The Namibian, 20th of May 2015, “61 dead in Colombia landslide-officials”

The Namibian, 13th of May 2015, “Somali mothers struggle to raise children amid challenges”

Namibian Sun, 12th of May 2015, “Official accused of abusing up to 40 children”

Namibian Sun, 11th of May 2015, “Boko Haram attacks Niger village”

The Namibian, 8th of May, “UN sex whistle -blower reinstated”

Namibian Sun, 8th of May, “Ten-year-old rape victim denied abortion”

Namibian Sun, 7th of May 2015, “Rape victims blamed in Somalia”

Namibian Sun, 6th of May 2015, “Kipnap victims say Boko Haram is in disarray”

Namibian Sun, 5th of May 2015, “Boko Haram’s slave sales”

Namibian Sun, 29th of April 2015, “Women still carry burden of unpaid care work”

Namibian Sun, 28th of April 2015, “EFF: Cabinet minister verbally abused refugees”

Namibian Sun, 23rd of April 2015, “2,000 Indian girls ‘killed’ daily”

The Namibian, 5th of May 2015, “UN denies cover-up in CAR child sex abuse scandal”

Namibian Sun, 21st of April 2015, “Islamic State’s ‘web of marriage’”

Namibian Sun, 15th of April 2015, “Buhari cannot promise schoolgirls will be found”

Namibian Sun, 9th of April 2015, “Back school for Sao Paulo transsexuals”

Namibian Sun, 26th of March 2015, “Child brides take Zim govt to court”

The Namibian, 25th of March 2015, “No more cheerleading – Nigeria female candidate”

Namibian Sun, 24th of March 2015, “Harare Sex workers demand mobile payment”

Namibian Sun, 19th of March 2015, “No news about 200 abducted girls”

Namibian Sun, 17th of March 2015, “Elderly nun gang-raped”

Namibian Sun, 11th of March 2015, “Ivory coast jails former first lady”

The Namibian, 9th of March 2015, “Fear, violence, kidnapping: life for women under Boko Haram”

Namibian Sun, 26th of February 2015, “South Korea legalises adultery”

Namibian Sun, 23rd of February 2015, “Little Girl used as suicide bomber”

The Namibian, 13th of February 2015, “Sudanese forces rape 221 in Darfur attacks”

Namibian Sun, 12th of February 2015, “Africa’s Children Face Shocking Abuse”

The Namibian, 11th of February 2015, “Girls face rising violence in fight for education – UN”

The Namibian, 2nd of February 2015, “Moves to stop child marriages”

The Namibian, 14th of January 2015, “Tanzanian girls return after escaping genital mutilation”

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