March for Africa: Windhoek stands up for peace

Sister Namibia was proud to take part in the March for Africa in Windhoek today!
We joined a great number of people who committed their (working hour) morning to this peaceful demonstration against xenophobia. Together we marched from the Independence Memorial Museum up to the High Commission of the Republic of South Africa in Klein Windhoek, where we delivered a petition and an open letter to Pres. Jacob Zuma and all fellow Africans.
Sister Namibia underlines the message of today’s march: We want everyone to be able to live in peace, free from fear of being harmed. What happened in South Africa this past week is a cruel attack on all that we value: peace, unity, solidarity and the respect of diversity. We were happy to see so many people from Windhoek and around the world take a stand to hold up our values, chanting “One Africa, one nation” and “we want peace”.