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The Sister Namibia magazine is published four times a year and is designed to inspire and equip women to make free choices and act as agents of change in their relationships, their communities, and themselves.

The editorial approach is outlined as communicating openly, honestly, in a respectful and professional manner, as well as providing an opportunity for women to express themselves. It is designed to build readers’ capacity for feminist analysis, generating a greater acceptance of feminist critique among women activists and women in general. The magazine has a wide local and international distribution, through community based and non-profit organisations as well as subscribers.

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The fourth edition for 2018 zoomed in at the work still to be done after the land conference to answer to the much needed equal access to land by women, ownership and control. And in an extract from IPPR titled “Landscaping Gender Based violence in Namibia”, we look at various recommended improvements and amendments to the legal system. Laura Sasman on page seven shines a light on the ingenuity and tenacity on women street vendors and the often overlooked service they provide to their own households, to the Namibian, African and global economy as a whole in a piece titled “The backbone of city economy- Female street vendors”. Last but not least and among other stories our cover story is of Nangula Shejavali and Claudette Nahum who published their book Follow Her Lead, featuring a combination of biographical details of female leaders and their advice. The book provides valuable facts on gender equality and important recommendations on moving gender equality forward in the public and private spheres.
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The third edition for 2018 is dedicated to all femicide victims in Namibia. Terrible crimes are committed against women and children on a daily basis, but only the most gruesome ever make it into public awareness. Our Interim Director Laura Sasman wrote ALUTA CONTINUA for ALL victims of femicide, so we may stand together to demand for peace, justice and dignity for every woman killed at the hands of a man in this country. This issue also covers a range of other topics one of which is on toxic masculinity and also on the power of ICT in social change and advocacy. “A luta continua, vitória é certa” Happy reading!
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In this second edition for 2018 the story of Florens points to how assumptions of female promiscuousness leads to failure of family and the social welfare system to protect young women. Given the realities young women face, Natasha Tibinyane argues that it is vital that Namibia has the abortion debate in earnest in her piece titled WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT ABORTION on page 4, so be sure to read and engage. In two articles by our Media Officer Elsarien Katiti, she argues “Yes we can be the change” by drawing from speeches by Tarana Burke the founder of the #MeToo movement and from Michelle Obama, arguing for women to become the answers they’ve been waiting for. Happy reading!Screen Shot 2017-08-07 at 12.20.19 PM

In this first edition for 2018, “Unapologetic” Is graced on the cover by none other than Erica Gebhardt who asks difficult questions and from whom Namibian citizens can learn a thing or two. Anya Links investigated the involvement of parents in their daughters’ career choices, and through Masiyaleti Mbewe Sister visited the Women in Computing conference. And lastly, since March was both the month to celebrate women and independence, The Issue Is takes a critical reflection on our 28 years as a sovereign nation. Happy reading!

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