Sister Namibia’s core feminist values

Transformative leadership

Promoting a vision of shared power, providing opportunities for all members of the organisation to develop and use their leadership skills while fostering empowerment and equality within the organisation. A conscious decision must be made to not ‘power over’ others but to level power dynamics. It is critical to recognize that people have a range of needs, and the extent to which they will perform effectively in the workplace will be affected by the extent to which these needs are satisfied. This also means developing a culture of collaboration where change is welcomed as an opportunity and not a threat versus a culture of command and control. We should at all times strive to explore, question and challenge the diverse experiences of leadership, particularly those informed by traditional, patriarchal and hierarchical structures in order to formulate and understanding of leadership that espouses feminist principles. We understand that all leaders need to be aware that power dynamics happen in any organisation, but are obliged to challenge destructive patterns that emerge.


As in our work, we will promote those practices within the organisation that will accompany all of us in the development of our self-determination, and our capacity to take control of our own lives.


We will communicate openly, honestly and in a respectful and professional manner. We will speak and listen effectively and create an environment where we do not feel suppressed in our abilities to express ourselves. We will consult one another, especially on matters of importance to individual’s lives as well as the organisation at large. We shall employ the same enabling communication practice to or public and partners.

Consideration and empathy

We will understand that outside our professional selves we are mothers, sisters, grandmothers, aunts and partners. And that our permanent roles can, will and do influence our workplace personas. We will be cognisant of the fact that we are all human and have ‘off’ days, and should try as much as possible to accommodate a sister on an off day.

Learning and enabling environment

Our work and responsibilities at Sister Namibia will be validated regardless of sexual orientation, nationality, race, religion and tribe. As much as Sister Namibia seeks to improve and better the lives of Namibia’s women, as a feminist organisation- all women’s issues are important, and for all women everywhere. By respecting our differences and validating our contributions, feminist leaders make our organisation safe for all of us. Each person on the team has a unique skill or ability that is valuable to our common efforts.

Building the feminist movement in Namibia

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