Confidente, 28 September 2017, Infected Woman Demands N$813 600 from ex-fiance

The Namibian, 17 October 2016, Pregnant woman loses baby in gas explosion

The Namibian, 27 September 2016, Security guard shoots herself while on duty

The Namibian, 17 August 2016, Widow receives N$13400 for husband`s death$13%C2%A0400-for

The Namibian, 15 August 2016, Police rescue San girls

The Namibian, 27 July 2016, Opuwo man drags wife to court for maintenance

The Namibian, 27 July 2016, Add some Namibian flavor to your condiments

The Nambibian, 18 July 2016, Ombudsman investigates dead pregnancy

The Namibian, 18 July 2016, All female talent show at kcac on 30 july

The Namibian, 18 July 2016, Father defends daughter’s rapist

The Namibian, 15 July 2016, Women’s safety Audit needed for Namibia

The Namibian, 14 July 2016, Namibians take on challenge Roth

The Namibian, 21 June 2016, Daughter’s freak death devastates mother

The Namibian, 16 June 2016, Hanse Himarwa claims conspiracy against her

The Namibian, 6 July 2016, Woman commits suicide in hospital

The Namibian, 23rd of June 2015, “Boy (16) held for ‘poisoning’ grandparents”

The Namibian, 22nd of June 2015, “The youth are our future – Xueyong”

The Namibian, 22nd of June 2015, “Elderly forced to work at farms”

The Namibian, 22nd of June 2015, “Don’t be used – Nandi-Ndaitwah”

The Namibian, 22nd of June 2015, “Salini workers protest over poor working conditions”

The Namibian, 22nd of June 2015, “A violent society on display in High Court”

The Namibian, 19th of June 2015, “USAID ends orphan funding”

Namibian Sun, 19th of June 2015, “The forgotten role of women”

The Namibian, 18th of June 2015, “‘Married off’ at 10”

Namibian Sun, 18th of June 2015, “Boys removed after neighbours complain of neglect”

Namibian Sun, 17th of June 2015, “Namibian refuges still refuse to return home”

The Namibian, 17th of June 2015, “Keep children from shebeens, juke boxes – Namoloh”

Namibian Sun, 17th of June 2015, “Over 5400 child marriages in Namibia”

Namibian Sun, 16th of June 2015, “Pace of women empowerment must increase – Hinda”

The Namibian, 16th of June 2015, “Young Voices Against Poverty”

The Namibian, 15th of June 2015, “Unqualified teachers to be trained”

Namibian Sun, 12th of June 2015, “Namoloh warns cops against bullying tactics”

The Namibian, 10th of June 2015, “Absenteeism, sex with pupils irk minister”

The Namibian, 8th of June 2015, “Girl (9) dies in shack fire”

Namibian Sun, 8th of June 2015, “Female teachers use schoolboys as sex toys”

Namibian Sun, 1st of June 2015, “Disabled women still face discrimination”

Namibian Sun, 12th of May 2015, “Moms, children face uphill battle”

The Namibian, 5th of May 2015, “Absentee fathers to be named and shamed”

Namibian Sun, 29th of April 2015, “Namibians stand united against xenophobia”

Namibian Sun, 28th of April 2015, “Marikana widows now work for Lonmin”

Namibian Sun, 28th of April, “Overworked nurses work 10 months with no overtime”

Namibian Sun, 20th of April 2015, “Elderly suffer abuse”

The Namibian, 17th of April 2015, “Cancer stricken granny cares for 19 grandchildren”

New Era, 15th of April 2015, “Transmen in homecoming dilemma”

New Era, 8th of April 2015, “Miss Namibia educational ambassador has big plans”

New Era, 8th of April 2015, “Popya with Emilia Ndateelela Nghikembua”

Namibian Sun, 2nd of April 2015, “Are you being treated like human being?”

Namibian Sun, 1st of April 2015, “Hage hunts for second ‘traditional’ wife”

Namibian Sun, 27th of March 2015, “Cheating is also abuse“

The Namibian, 20th of March 2015, “Confessions of a Kasi Casanova… 25 Years of Sexual independence…not”

Namibian Sun, 16th of March 2015, “Penehupifo to focus on family”

The Namibian, 16th of March 2015, “Kavango region ranks highest in breast feeding”

Namibian Sun, 13th of March 2015, “Africa and the aspirations of women”

Namibian Sun, 11th of March 2015, “UNAM sex tape unleashes storm”

The Namibian, 10th of March 2015, “We women are blinded by men”

Namibian Sun, 5th of March 2015, “Four Namibian women who shine a light in a dark place”

New Era, 2nd of March 2015, “Germina Shitaleni loses battle against cancer”

Namibian Sun, 1st of March 2015, “87 Young mothers graduate”

The Namibian, 27th of February 2015, “That Helping Hand”

The Namibian, 27th of February 2015, “Walking ‘The Mile”

The Namibian, 27th of February 2015, “Confession of A Kasi Casanova… Oto Si (You Will Die)”

The Namibian, 20th of February 2015, “Shallow Chanting about Violence”

The Namibian, 19th of February 2015, “Marriage made in heaven”

The Namibian, 17th of February 2015, “Miss High School Namibia is Back”

The Namibian, 16th of February 2015, “Geingob, Monica say ‘I do'”

Namibian Sun, 15th of February 2015, “First Lady tackles Aids, teen pregnancies”

The Namibian, 12th of February 2015, “Making a home for young women”

The Namibian, 10th of February 2015, “Meet Monique Kröhne, the Student with 27 Distinctions”

The Namibian, 6th of February 2015, “So Who Wears the Pants?”

The Namibian, 4th of February 2015, “Doctor Khumalo and Namibian wife Blanche in divorce fight”

The Namibian, 3rd of February 2015, “Does Marriage Guarantee Happiness?”

The Namibian, 30th of January 2015, “Dis-Empowering Women – Instead Creating a Monster”

Building the feminist movement in Namibia

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